Transportation and Storage
Storage Recommendations

TPP recommends a careful storage of the fragile and breakable TPP products:

  • Relative humidity of max. 50 – 60 h
  • Temperature of 10 – 30’C
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight

Modular TPP cases allow freedom of combination during stack-ing. The FSC certified cardboard comes from well managed for-ests and other controlled sources. The one-way palettes con-form to the international, phytosanitary directives (ISPM 15 standard).


the very stable Jumbo cover cases give highest protection dur-ing transportation and reduce the damage occurring to the fragile tissue culture products. TPP recommends the use of protection cases when shipping the goods through couriers with automatic distribution centers.

Icons displayed on the TPP cases
  • Breakable
  • Protect against humidity
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
Types of Case, Standard L * W * H in mm
1/1- case, brown 390*330*460
1/2-case, brown 390*330*230
1/4-case, brown 390*330*110
1/4-dispenser, white 390*330*110
1/16-case, brown 390*165*55
1/4L-sample case, yellow 390*165*230
1/8L-sample case, yellow 390*165*110
1/16L-sample case, yellow 390*165*55

Type of Case, Cover Case L*W*H in mm
Jumbo 1, cover case, yellow 425*340*490, fits = 1*1/1-cases
Jumbo 2, cover case, 673*413*490, fits = 2* 1/1-cases
Jumbo 1/2, cover case, yellow 425*340*260, fits = 1*1/2-case
Jumbo 1/4, cover case, yellow 400*330*140, fits = 1*1/4-case
packagingStable jumbo 1 cover case
packagingTPP cases in modular system
packagingYellow sample box