Sponsorship Policy

This is TPP Techno Plastic Products India Pvt. Ltd. sponsorship policy. It gives guidance on what we can and cannot support in terms of the scientific event itself and the organizations involved. Please read this before making an application for sponsorship. Remember that we consider every sponsorship request on its merit. Sponsorship is “the payment of a fee or payment in kind by a company in return for the rights to a public association with an activity, item, person or property for mutual commercial benefit”. Sponsorship is a business agreement, not a gift. Sponsorship is not a donation with nothing in return, or a discount for normal goods or services.

we will
  • Consider all sponsorship requests in an open and even-handed way and measure the request against our sponsorship matrix assessment criteria.
  • Enter into a sponsorship contract with organizations/events/trade bodies we sponsor
  • Sponsor provided the requester is willing to furnish PAN Card details, a copy of cancelled cheque and duly signed sponsorship application form.
  • Consider unsolicited sponsorship proposals.
we will not
  • Sponsor individuals, teams or clubs, fundraising events or charities. TPP India however will consider sponsorship requests from not for profit organizations whose objectives fit with TPP India strategic objectives.
  • Use sponsorship agreements to gain favorable terms from any organization
  • Enter sponsorship agreements with any organization which is in legal or financial conflict with TPP India or which connects TPP India with any political party or pressure group.
  • Enter into sponsorship that may be construed as offering or promoting services of a sexual nature.
  • Enter into sponsorship which may be construed as showing or encouraging any type of prejudice (racial, sexual or religious).
  • Provide sponsorship for religious organizations.
  • Enter into sponsorship which may be construed as showing or encouraging any type of prejudice (racial, sexual or religious).
  • Imply any exclusive arrangement between TPP India and the sponsor
  • Consider any sponsorship in association with tobacco or alcohol.

We would require any sponsored project/event/scientific roadshow/seminar/tradeshow to (some or all of the following as applicable)

  • Display the TPP India brand on any publicity – this includes brochures, advertising, website, exhibition materials, signage, information packs, etc. (in some instance the TPP International brand may apply).
  • Mention TPP India in all press releases and media activity as applicable.
  • Make available materials or post event reports produced as part of the event to TPP India staff.
  • Showcase our products and services. We would expect exhibition space at any event we sponsor
  • Allow us to provide a speaker/talk slot, TPP staff registration at no additional cost, Participant attendance sheet (Name, Job title, Company, Phone and Email), Booth space, Souvenir advertisement etc.…

If you would like to apply for possible sponsorship support from TPP India, you can e-mail us at info@tpp-india.com.

Please be aware that our budgets are limited and that we can only support a small number of requests each financial year.