Quality Management

Quality Assurance: TPP is ISO 9001:2015 certified and manufactures by own decision according to the guide lines of cGMP. This quality standard is audited and confirmed by re-certification processes regularly. The ISO certificate can be download here

IQNet ISO 9001:2015 certificate, 2017PDF English Download

ISO 9001 certificates
SQS ISO 9001:2015 certificate, 2017 PDF English Download

Quality Control from the raw material to the ready TPP product.

TPP feels obliged to reach the highest quality goals during its manufacturing processes. This is realized by means of compliance and monitoring the comprehensive quality assurance system. Products are dispatched when all criteria are fulfilled only. By this TPP guarantees top-quality products for all areas of tissue culture and laboratory uses.

In-process quality control
TPP reaches the high quality standard by continuous improvements in the interest of the customers as well as by a highly efficient quality system, that goes beyond the compulsory formalities.

1. Raw Material

All incoming materials and products pass a rigorous and documented quality control based on specifications. Deliveries are accepted from checked vendors only.

2. Production

Production is in clean room environment on in-line production lines. Regular documented quality controls according quality control plan are performed. Independent laboratories make regular purity and hygiene tests.

3. Maintenance

For a 24/7 manufacturing process the mainenance and servicing of the molding forms, production lines and infreastructure is extremely important. The accurate planning and execution is basis of the necessary top conditions. Competent specialists arrange daily the availability of the equipment.

4. Quality Control

All products are tested during and after the manufacturing process based on strict specifications. Each working step can be viewed for years by a sophisticated IT system. Test results and corrective actions are documented.

5. Dispatch Control

TPP performs random examinations of the quality and quantity of the final product with documentation of the results. After release of the data a quality certificate can be generated on www.tpp-india/certificateofanalysis.